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About Me


Welcome to my blog. I'm going to be writing about my thoughts on developing my ethical organization Debug Reality - www.debugreality.com

I'm a 34 year old IT professional who has been working in web development for the last 7 years I'm also interested in happiness and how we can live happier lives. During my life I've read a lot, thought a lot, traveled to different countries, explored different religions to find answers to living a happier life.

I had the seed of an idea about 5 years ago after reading a novel that suggested better systems for things like capitalism and governance. It got me thinking about all the possibilities for creating and evolving our current systems especially in ways that incorporate more wisdom.

But it was just a seed at that point. I was still struggling with my own happiness, learning and unlearning. It was a few years before things finally fell into place and it all happened in India.

There is something magical about India, the cradle of humanity it is a place of suffering and spirituality. It is a place of chaos and I think through that chaos a place of intense learning.

It is at once terrifying and exhilarating to catch a glimpse of what we can do for the world. To consider embracing something more than just our own struggle. In some ways it is easy to continue to struggle with ourselves and our own fears and problems. It is an entirely new game to grow beyond them and begin looking at ways to live for others. The fact is I'm not really sure what I'm doing just that it is good to try.

Trying and following my intuition led me back to the ideas of a altruistic society, and my years of experience in the computer industry gave me the idea to found Debug Reality.

For thousands of years people have been putting their ideas into words, into books but computers and the internet are still fairly new. I think there is a lot of scope there to create applications and systems that can help people in new ways. Help them to understand and to see through their own demons. And if we as a society find inner happiness and stop struggling with ourselves... who knows what we might be capable of!

Edit: Just finished my first product! UnBaa - Turn your mob into a team