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Debug Reality Site

This site is all about helping us overcome our troubles and thus unlock all our epic potential.
Many of us are blessed with health, food and safety. But we still feel stuck or unfulfilled. By highlighting the most common difficulties we face, and sharing stories, insights and techniques to overcome them, I'm hoping we can help each other reach our potential.

 The site contains FREE TO USE projects that would help us in being the best version of ourself


Unbaa is a simple tool to make making decisions democratically possible online. The aim is to help empower people to create more equitable organizations and groups even if they are spread out around the world

Dreamstars Creatures

Dreamstars creatures is an experiment in growing artificial intelligence that real people can interact with. It uses a method of AI programming called genetic programming. This method uses Darwin's priciples of evolution and applies them to a population of computer programs selecting only the most successful from each generation and using those to create a new generation with some variance. As the generations advance the programs slowly evolve into more and more successful variations.