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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stepping beyond selfishness

I've spent most of my life sorting my shit out. I'm not perfect and I'll be the first to admit it but I arrived at a place in my life where I no longer need to focus on myself. I'm happy. Now I want to work out how to best help other people reach this point.

But I'm not writing a book, not in this day and age and I'm not going to do this alone. I'm going to start a business with a deep mission statement. I'm going to create something that lives beyond me, that continues to do good when I'm just dust and ashes.

The simplicity involved in creating this blog is what I love most about technology. This ability to so simply share my wisdom with the world. Google is one of the new generations of companies that embodies an altruistic culture and I hope Debug Reality will be another.

It is at once terrifying and exhilarating to catch a glimpse of what we can do for the world. To consider embracing something more than just our own struggle. In some ways it is easy to continue to struggle with ourselves and our own fears and problems. It is an entirely new game to grow beyond them and begin looking at ways to live for others. The fact is I'm not really sure what I'm doing just that it is good to try.

Debug Reality will be about looking to discover ways of helping people overcome their insecurities and find that place of inner well being where creating becomes a natural state of being.

This blog is for everyone, it is a place for us to share our wisdom and relate our experiences. It is also a blueprint for Debug Reality

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