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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

UnBaa is born

Well I've started coding my first application for Debug Reality and it feels good to be doing something concrete finally. It is an application that supports my previous blog post about equality. I'm planning on making a tool that allows communities and groups to work together equally. I'm hoping it will help encourage people to be more involved in things and feel more responsibility towards their communities.

But the main reason I really got focused again on Debug Reality is due to a realization I had on hope and how important it is in our lives. I'm not talking about blind hope because we will all fail at some things some of the time but more a realistic hope. Even when we do fail there is often something to learn and that learning will help us succeed next time or in some other venture we undertake. Not only that but there are so many layers to our life, work, relationships, our own health, helping others. When we are hopeful about all these things more often than not we can be thankful for those areas that we are succeeding.

We all have so much potential and so much to give, it's important to keep that sense of hope and not to feel that just because one thing doesn't work out there aren't so many more things that can or do work out.

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