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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why true happiness is the answer

I think most of the resources in the West are wasted because we don't understand true happiness. That is why Debug Reality is focused on helping to spread the understanding of it. Our culture has been largely shaped by consumerism and advertising and these things often play on our deeper desire to find happiness. We have been lied to and misdirected for the sake of companies making a profit. Even relationships are big business so the dream of the happy family as the answer is used to get our money.

When I was in India one of the ads on TV was of a little girl struggling to find acceptance in her new school - "Daddy why don't the other kids like me?" and the answer in the ad was for her father to buy a new car and drive her to school. It sickened me to see it, buying stuff isn't the answer. Understanding true happiness is the answer and teaching his daughter the right skills. Notice how car ads never show the frustrating truth of being stuck in traffic jams for hours.

As i see it there are a majority of people striving to get something that won't actually help fulfill them. If they were already truly happy all that energy would be used on helping each other and the world. The problem with trying to teach people happiness is that there is way too much noise. Every product is selling happiness, a million ads elude to it.

But if we could bring more people to true happiness in the West then we could free up a huge amount of resources, after all we consume a lot more than other countries.

This is a personal journey for me, trying to find the best way to help others. I figure the beauty of the internet is that it can reach millions, so part of how I can help is to write this blog. The other part is to design applications that incoperate the key messages of happiness. Games for children, websites to give people key tools that help enable happiness or sites that replace existing systems that are trying to sell flawed ideas of happiness with sites that really explain what is going on. The third part is to hopefully create an organisation to incoperate these values and continue to produce creative technical solutions for generations to come.

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